What’s New?

I just started my new website and will be populating it soon.


April 7: Beginning of Project Synthesis: Cyber Storming

April 1: Invitation to be a UX/UI mentor for the indi Opera hackathon 

March 27: Participant in one-hour VR creation competition (VRART live)

March 13: 5WF Final Presentations (Nov-March 2021)

Team Earhart – our team has been working like mad on our innovative Theatre piece that combines story with Virtual Reality facets.

Feb 14:  Re:Naissance Theatre
Helped to create a program that would enable new users to discover the world of VR world-building and to plan it against an improvised play headed by a theatre/acting specialist.

Jan 21: Sinisteria and Shriek | A modern Immersive VR video project

Jan 1-16: Jingle Ville VR Altspace World-Builder

– 250 megs optimized into an astonishing 25 megs!
– Painted, designed and collaborated with partners to create a unique VR world in AltspaceVR.
– Received over 1000 visits within 3 weeks only by ‘word of mouth’.



April 14: Pretty happy to have my Tiltbrush video added to the DIGIBC 2021 Sizzle Reel

March 15-19: SXSW Official Launch and Panel Presentation: Creating TouchPoints in Emergent Narratives

March 15 2021- Special Guest on The Story Hour Podcast Part 2

March 8 2021: Podcast Interview with “Betty the Beaver’ (Canadian Consulate USA) Prelude to SXSW 2021 Presentation

March 5 2021- Special Guest on The Story Hour Podcast Part 1

Feb 13: SXSW presentation pre-recording
Topic: Creating Touchstones in Emergent Narratives
Team: Kimberly Unger, Sande Chen, Matthew Faber, Juliana Loh




Jan 31: Global Game Jam
Designed tiltbrush VR game asset (bouncing frog)

Jan 29: Charlie Fink‘s class at Chapman University
Specialty: Instruction and Design
– Painting in VR + World-Building Tips.
– 3 classes including a world tour through Jingle Ville teaching principles of design

Jan 10: WebXRAwards
Invited to be a member of the Jury