What’s New?

December 3 2021

If I haven’t updated my website since July it’s probably because from July until now, we have been literally inundated by a host of opportunities, talks, awards and events celebrating our amazing tiltbrush projects.

To summarize, my partner Nicholas Liang and myself have had our projects experienced and/or published in several high profile film festivals that accentuate brilliance in art or design in the XR metaverse space.

  • Burning Man 2021 (August-Sept)
  • VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival (October)
  • HIFF (Hawai International Film Festival Nov 4-28 with interactive components occurring from Nov 19-21)
  • Qld XR Film Festival (Queensland Australia) (Nov 26-28): Received an Honorable mention in the category of Best VR Experience


Nov 23 2021: Interview with Johnny Android youtube in altspace: https://youtu.be/MXFxtiBUCsY
Here is the Simulation Nation apple podcast to listen if you are inclined.

November 19 2021 (HIFF Interview with highlight artists Juliana Loh and Sutu)
While the actual official HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) was from Nov 4-28, the immersive weekend was Nov 19-21. I felt so privileged and honored to have been invited to speak with amazing artist SUTU via zoom at the XR Showcase Talk and Reception event. I very much wanted to be there personally… but alas. Special thank you to Nina Faye Lin and Anderson Le for having us. 

October 14 2021: Interview as part of Vancouver International Film Festival by SAD Magazine Harper Sinclare – Here is the publication VIFF: Exploring the Boundaries of Storytelling



I’ve also been involved in a few projects that I’m passionate about:

  • XR Immersive designer (3D prototyper) for new client from NY (Oct-Dec) (NDA)
  • XR mentor for Indiefest 2021 hackathon for Renaissance Opera in November
  • Began my second year of my successful Design to Be Kind Empathy Workshop VR/Games for the Richmond Public Library (Nov-Dec 2021)

 So… whew! I’ve been interviewed by several media organizations, made some new friends and am looking forward to starting another immersive project in January 2022.

What else? There is more! I’ve been invited to mint NFT’s on Foundation.app (I’ll have to get around to that)

And last but not least, I’ll be moving into my new forever home in December. 😀

As to the question “are you doing anymore paintings in VR?” and the answer is ‘yes’…. I  just need a moment to ‘breathe’.




July 9: Honored to have been awarded a grant for my Emotional Intelligence | Empathy building workshop

June 17: Telepresence and Magic Leap Crew Article

May 24: Blue Boat Video: Peaceful Journeys in Tiltbrush

April 7: Beginning of Project Synthesis: Cyber Attack Prelude

March 27: Participant in one-hour VR creation competition (VRART live)

March 13: 5WF Final Presentations (Nov-March 2021)


July-Sept: Happy to be working with the amazing folks at Healium XR to build a VR world in altspace.

May: 2021: Chronicle X, The Shed, NY – Design of Augmented Reality in professional Theatre 

Dec-March 2021:
Team Earhart – our team has been working like mad on our innovative Theatre piece that combines story with Virtual Reality facets.

Feb 14:  Re:Naissance Theatre
Helped to create a program that would enable new users to discover the world of VR world-building and to plan it against an improvised play headed by a theatre/acting specialist.

Jan 21: Sinisteria and Shriek | A modern Immersive VR video project

Jan 1-16: Jingle Ville VR Altspace World-Builder

– 1 Gig optimized into an astonishing 25 megs!
– Painted, designed and collaborated with partners to create a unique VR world in AltspaceVR.
– Received over 1000 visits within 3 weeks only by ‘word of mouth’.


July 21: Guest Speaker on Vivian Channel: Global head of Digital Sales at Nextech AR

July 15: Invited to speak about story and story process on The Writer’s Room Club House

July 9: Thrilled and honored to have been added to Avi Bar Zeev’s list of ‘interesting’ 100 people in XR.

July 2: It was a pleasure and honour to have been interviewed by Vivian Chan as a guest on her inaugural Vivian Channel 

June 17: Article on Telepresence and VR Pipeline – Medium

June 15: KeyNote Panel: “Flavored by Authenticity: How personal experiences amplify narrative”– GA Game Developers and CIMfest2021 

May 7:  Daisy Berg invited me to interview at Mike TeeVee!

May 4: Presented with the XR Women on the topic of Gamification in UX for Educators in VR

April 14: My Tiltbrush video was added to the DIGIBC 2021 Sizzle Reel

April: SWELL App: I was Interviewed on the Swell Channel | Digital Painting and Tiltbrush Designer

March 15-19: SXSW Official Launch and Panel Presentation: Creating TouchPoints in Emergent Narratives

March 15 2021- Special Guest on The Story Hour Podcast Part 2

March 8 2021: Podcast Interview with “Betty the Beaver’ (Canadian Consulate USA) Prelude to SXSW 2021 Presentation

March 5 2021- Special Guest on The Story Hour Podcast Part 1

Feb 13: SXSW presentation pre-recording
Topic: Creating Touchstones in Emergent Narratives
Team: Kimberly Unger, Sande Chen, Matthew Faber, Juliana Loh




June 1-July 2021: San Diego Opera Hackathon

April 1: Invitation to be a UX/UI mentor for the indi-Opera Hackathon November 2021 

Jan 31: Global Game Jam
Designed tiltbrush VR game asset (bouncing frog)

Jan 29: Charlie Fink‘s class at Chapman University
Specialty: Instruction and Design
– Painting in VR + World-Building Tips.
– 3 classes including a world tour through Jingle Ville teaching principles of design

Jan 10: WebXRAwards
Invited to be a member of the Jury by Julie Smithson and Ben Ervin

October and Nov 2020: Presented at: Women in ‘Women Leaders in XR’ followed by a
Workshop in Empathy and UX