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Juliana Loh creates imaginative scenes that evoke a sense of place, a memory or playful inspiration. She believes in the power of art, design and immersive language to create a common base from which to launch one’s own unique understanding of the world. Juliana paints primarily in tiltbrush to create engaging virtual reality artwork. 

Jazz Alive 2020 | VRARTLive – I painted this scene in tribute to one of my heroes in jazz music Sonny Rollins. Many of my artworks celebrate diversity. Music has influenced me throughout my life giving me places to escape to and to find inspiration. This video was taken by VRARTLive and features an amazing and astounding animated version of my artwork in a world they set up inside VRChat. 

Remembrance or Veteran’s Day 2020: There is a gentleness that characterizes this design that helps to bring about a sense of gravitas infused with compassion to the story. We are slowly losing our veterans to old age and hoping that the peace they fought for has not been given in vain.

Big Orange Fish: This is a story about a gigantic ‘uber’ fish that has become a ride for a group of musical fish. I enjoy creating scenarios that evoke a sense of humour. Oftentimes, humour is the only way we can speak about ‘hot topics’ during challenging times.

Sinisteria and Shriek: This experience depicts a long format video offering a glimpse into the emotional state of the world during January 2021.  The duo creatures were first designed during the Capital uprising and is painted in an abstracted disembodied style.

XR Atlanta Art Show 2020: Dec 2020 – This is my video of my VR artwork that I submitted for the XR art show. It depicts four of my videos that explore various topics.