Project: ChronicleX, Location: The Shed NY May 2021 (video edited by Blinxel)
Credits: XRArtist for AR content 
Chronicle X at The Shed, NY produced in association with HERE Arts Center and Musical Theatre Factory By Nia O. Witherspoon Co-Directed by Mei Ann Teo & Nia O. Witherspoon 
June 3-4 2021
Chronicle X is the first work in The Dark Girl Chronicles, a ritual-play cycle designed to crystallize in the collective memory the stories of Black women warriors against state violence. Chronicle X is Black feminist church.
My Experience:
I was part of the XR Team headed by XR Producer Brandon Powers and XR Director Espii Proctor. 
My Role:  (XR Artist and Tiltbrush Artist)

(Here is the official credit)

The Project:
Within the Augmented Reality portion of the project, 3 doors or portals were created as part of the onboarding process.

To access the AR, you were required to scan a QR code. Each of the portals represented symbolic images pertaining to the theme of the story.


I painted:

  • Tree
  • Jellyfish
  • galaxy
  • many words and phrases.​​​​​​​