World Building in TiltBrush VR (AltspaceVR)

For Whom: Charlie Fink
Where: Chapman University
Nov-Jan 2020:

Workshop: 3 visits  
(TiltBrush VR and World Building Tips)

In November after I posted a series of tiltbrush VR works for upcoming shows, I was invited by Charlie Fink to meet with his students at Chapman University to offer an introduction to Tiltbrush. I was in the middle of designing Jingle World VR so it seemed like the right time to share.

 Visit 1: November 2020 – Expertise and Introductions
Instead of presenting info from an exclusively artistic point of view, I thought that it would be nice to offer a technical perspective. I asked my co-collaborator and partner for Jingle Ville Nick Liang to join me. Nick generously offered tips from a developer perspective so that the students would understand the challenges inherent in designing anything in tiltbrush for altspace VR. Together we presented a power point, responded to basic questions and evaluated student work.

Visit 2: December 2020 – World Building Tour through Jingle Ville
The second time we returned to altspaceVR, we invited them to Jingle Ville where I conducted a full blown tour on art and design and architectural practices. Nick responded to  technical tips such as optimization and shaders. The tour which I will explain in another post was super successful Nick and I were pleased to hear Charlie mention that Jingle Ville was one of the best designed VR world experiences (besides Burning Man) that he had encountered. 


Visit 3: January 2021- Visit to Student Worlds and Conclusion of Course
The students finished their semester with Charlie and they finished their word creations on time and in good form. Nick and I were invited to visit the student’s work at the Chapman University world in AltspaceVR. This is the part that we enjoyed the most. We first previewed individual projects showcasing small sculptures within a virtual reality garden-like setting where we were able to listen to students describe their work.

After that, we were absolutely blown over by visits to student individual worlds. I in particular noticed that they had taken in all the instruction that was taught during the Jingle Ville tour and incorporated them into their work. I have never felt so proud of those students and am excited about the innovation that each person brought to the table! I can’t wait to see where life will take them!

Bravo Charlie’s Class! Nick and I may have inspired them first, but they inspired us right back!