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Juliana Loh is the force behind Splash Mango, a creative boutique in Vancouver, Canada. She has worked at the intersection of brand entertainment, games and education and uses human centred design principles to provide a process-oriented framework for discovery. With a reputation for creating professional tiltbrush VR creations, beautiful photography and modern refined art, Juliana designs imaginative projects that evoke a sense of place, a memory or playful inspiration.

“I believe in the limitless belief of Imagination and the power of empathy and design to harness ideas, help create better design decisions and improve how we live.” Juliana Loh (www.julianaloh.ca)



Splash Mango represents a creative digital boutique that specializes in creative strategy and pre-production processes.

We work in collaboration with partners to design beautiful story-focused or app experiences that promote wonder in the health, production and entertainment/arts community.

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We concentrate on the human experience 

  • Creative Direction and immersive story worlds
  • Brand entertainment, Usability, Interactivity, human centred design
  • Instructional Design/Facilitation
  • Content Creation – Article writing/copy

 We value:

Clarity, Integrity, Diversity + Entrepreneurial  mindset. 


Powerful Thoughts from our Clients:

Juliana came on to my team at a very critical time at VCAD. She designed and created new course content for our Mobiles Games Development Program. Developed and implemented the “Modern Business Trends Course”, including powerpoints, lectures, assignments and research material. Her instruction and mentorship of our students was rewarded with the entire class completing the course and successfully creating a mobile game that was deployment ready for both IOS and Google Play stores. With her skills and talent, she is my first point of contact for advice, information and help. Highly recommended.

Roger Mitchell

Head Instructor, Visual College of Art and Design

I have known Juliana professionally and as a friend for the past 5 years. She has been a very positive and motivating person to work and collaborate with, showing keen interest in my stories, and providing useful and relevant storytelling and social media strategies to my projects. Most recently, she had provided me with branding and marketing strategies for a new craft design endeavour, which is being launched in a month. Juliana has been attentive, hard-working and helpful in checking in regularly on my upcoming product launch, and her personality is one that shows care, thoughtfulness and intuition in the advice she gives. I have enjoyed the opportunities of brainstorming and discussing strategies with her. She is such an easy going individual who makes people comfortable and at ease. Juliana brings such a wealth of industry UI/ UX and storytelling experience to the table for any client or school that she works for. She really is genuine in her intent to help clients fulfil their goals. Any company will be gaining valuable skill and experience with her on their team!

Aimee Chung

Instructor, BCIT

Juliana brings a positive and motivated energy to her work, inspiring the creativity of those around her. She fearlessly brainstorms new ideas and concepts, pushing her team members to think “outside the box” for inspiration and solutions. There is no doubt Juliana has a knack for getting her team members to see old concepts in a new way, pushing innovation in even mundane concepts. Juliana’s strengths lie in her strong work ethic, her ability to easily integrate with her team members, her artistic skill and creativity, her drive to develop ideas to their fullest and her boundless imagination. I have no problem recommending Julianna for a creative/artistic related position on any team. I am certain she will excel at any project she is put to work on, and the project will be the better for her involvement.

James Mouat

Lead Game Designer, Pug Interactive

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