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Splash Mango aka Juliana

A Human-Centric Design Boutique exploring New ways of telling Stories in an immersive world
Imagination | Curiosity | Inspiration | Play 

 Juliana designs imaginative projects that evoke a sense of place, sensation, memories/stories or playful inspiration. Juliana works in the “sandbox” of entertainment, story and product/training use cases.

 “I believe in the limitless belief of Imagination and the power of empathy and design to harness ideas, help create better design decisions and improve how we live.” Juliana Loh





Storytelling and creative consulting for  narrative-based experiential projects.

  • Creative Direction, Experiential & Installation Art
  • Usability, Interactivity, human centric design
  • In-world 3D immersive artist for social VR experiences
  • Instructional Design/Facilitation/Artificial Intelligence

UNSPLASH: Free Photography courtesy of Juliana Loh





  • Mar 2024: dance and interactivity exhibition art
  • Raindance Immersive –  2021-2023
  • Top 100 Women in XR Global (Women of the Future 2023)
  • AustXR Festival: Recipient of Best Passive Immersive Experience in VR Award 2023
  • SXSW 2023 – Immersive-X Germany
  • 2023 (Presenter) Fivars Festival, PXR Conference, Vancouver International Film Signals (VIFF Signals), ChicagoVR, EXNW Festival


hello (at) Splashmango dot com

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