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We are A Human-Centric Design Boutique exploring New ways of telling Stories in an immersive world
Imagination | Curiosity | Inspiration


Juliana Loh is the force behind Splash Mango, a creative boutique in Vancouver, Canada. She has worked at the intersection of brand entertainment, games and education and uses human centric design principles to provide a process-oriented framework for discovery. With a reputation for creating professional tiltbrush VR/AR creations, immersive experiences (UX of immersion), empathy workshops and biulding worlds in horizon, Juliana designs imaginative projects that evoke a sense of place, sensation, a memories/stories or playful inspiration. Juliana works in the “sandbox” of entertainment, story and therapeutic uses.

 “I believe in the limitless belief of Imagination and the power of empathy and design to harness ideas, help create better design decisions and improve how we live.” Juliana Loh





Splash Mango represents a creative digital boutique that specializes in designing  metaverse and story-centric immersive experiences. We do creative strategy and pre-production processes as well.

We work in collaboration with partners to design beautiful story-focused  experiences that promote wonder in the health, production and entertainment/arts community.

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We concentrate on the human experience 

  • Creative Direction, Experiential & Installation Art
  • Usability, Interactivity, human centric design
  • AR/VR emergent play
  • In-world 3D immersive artist for social VR experiences
  • Instructional Design/Facilitation

We value:  Imagination Curiosity and Inspiration

We are looking for: Opportunities to collaborate with you to design evocative immersive experiences.

I'm interested in learning about your world. Let's connect!

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