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“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” -Albert Camus Before launching into the topic of this article, it’s necessary to lay out very clear definitions of what exactly UX and Transmedi…


Juliana Loh’s insight:

Over the last three years, I’ve seen a positive increase in transmedia project development. At the same time, what I’ve found frustrating is a consistent lack of attention paid to the creation of how the audience interacts with the project. Employing human-centered design techniques such as interviewing audiences, creating quick prototypes and simply finding out what works or doesn’t work within the entire story framework is a fast and easy way to identify and solve potential translation challenges. This article asserts that the process of writing and designing structures for transmedia is similar to the development process one undertakes to create effective UX. Both streams of thought are valuable in undertaking any project big or small. #goagile

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